Springhill Suites - Request Full Refund

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y recent stay at the Spring Hill Marriott in New Orleans was a disaster. I've called numerous called the customer service line.

I spoke with a customer service rep with your company that promised a that a account rep wiould call me by the end of the day and yet I did not receive a call at all. this was to be expected. I had Hotel,com to call the hotel and the person that he spoke to was so rude that they offer me a 100,00 voucher because they rep I spoke to could totally relate to the treatment I must have experienced at the hotel. i stayed at the hotel on July 2nd and 3rd.

there was a rude dude the check us in. He wanted to know why I was paying cash. I had to call a manager. the guy who checked me in also told me that the hotel had its on rate and I shouldn't have booked on Hotel.com, He then proceeded to tell me he was too busy to deal with this.

I just checked into a room where there was rust in the tub, the carpet was so nasty, the room for a suite was small, and the noise was unbearable. It was the worst stay ever. When i checked out I was told paper or a sign in book was not completed. The young lady told me that the guy that checked us in hates his job.

She was very apologetic but it was a little too late. the sign in log was to inform me that it was a 40.00 parking fee. to my surprise this was taken out of my 100.00 a night security deposit. I am requesting a refund in the amount of 333.00 I don't think anyone will ever call.

that seems to be just poor customer service on your company's part. It runs deep. I have been trying to get in touch with the CEO and Director of Marriott to express my dissatisfaction. It has been almost impossible but I plan to continue until I get a refund this hotel is in bad need of an upgrade for the rates that are being charged.

A training course for your staff wouldn't be a bad idea as well. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thought I've been promise several return phone call and yet I haven't received on.

this is not how you treat a paying customer, cash or credit. thanks Juanita

Product or Service Mentioned: Springhill Suites Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.


Saratoga, California, United States #1348537

You stayed there, no full refund. No free hotels.

Springhill Suites - Simple Review #1489925605

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Not honoring reservations as an emotional dog upon arrival at Hotel after making reservations directly to hotel earlier in the day which was confirm with credit card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Very rude workers at Springhill Suites by Marriot

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About the Springhill Suites in Grand Junction, Colorado

Located on historic downtown Main Street

The hotel itself was beautiful, but the associates on the other hand- TERRIBLE!

First off, the front desk girl that was on duty when I checked in tried to be nice, but you could tell she had somewhat of an attitude. And lets talk about the main housekeeper lady. I overheard her talking to someone and she sounded very self absorbed and rude. Then, when she talked to me she wasn't at all polite. If that's how she treats the guests, I'm sorry for how she might treat her employees. For someone that's supposed to be a bigger person in the industry, she definitely needed to learn some self discipline. Some other employees totally ignored me walking by. NOT VERY PROFESSIONAL! At least at cheaper hotels you get treated right and the employees aren't just concerned about themselves. This definitely would affect me ever staying there again.



lol you sound like the one that's only concerned about themselves in my opinion.

Oh no the girl seemed polite but you still detected attitude? Ever think that she may have had a really bad day? No of course not, you don't give a *** what her day was like, you only care that she wasn't treating you special.

Oh no, you eavesdropped on a private conversation and didn't like what you heard? That's none of your freaking business, stop eavesdropping.

She wasn't polite to you? I don't blame her, you sound like a self absorbed ***.

Oh no, some of the employees didn't bow down and lick the dog *** from your boot heel as they passed by you? WHO CARES GET THE F**K OVER IT YOU'RE NOT A F**KING QUEEN.

People like you are everything that's wrong in the world, you have this exaggerated sense of self importance and entitlement, and think that everyone has to give you preferential treatment just because you think you're the most important person in the world.


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